My most recent collections use a thermochemical aluminum patina that I developed in 2010, which helps to create brilliant and inviting colors. The goal was, and still is to produce warm and contemporary art using reflective metals that are commonly stigmatized as cold and modern. These metals have various capabilities. Not only are they extremely durable, but their reflective properties also allow me to create objects that appear to be three dimensional and interactive. By doing so, I accomplish what I call Perspectivism Art. This term simply means that the art appears to be different from all angles. Therefore, it is not possible for two viewers to see the same thing at once. To see the same thing, they must engage in each other's perspective, much like the way we all experience our daily lives.

 I have my own thoughts on what my work means. However, what is important is not my opinion. It is yours.

                                                                                  - Marcos

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