Born on 1972. Native to Cadiz Spain, Marcos migrated to the USA in 1979 and currently lives with his wife Amanda and four children in the Orlando area.  He has lived in Europe and the Caribbean. He considers his experience of living in different cultures as a primary influence on his art.  His works are inspired by a fascination for how things work and the patterns of everyday life. He focus on the beauty of cultural diversity and its many accomplishments. By interacting with the public to inform his art, his works often speak in the voice of the people.  Marcos believes that as we take part in the arts, we strengthen the bonds of culture and community.  His works are collected and exhibited locally and internationally.  Marcos also served as the director of design and visual arts consultant for the Culinary Team USA for the World Cup in 2010 and the 2012 Olympics in Europe. read more

“I am optimistic...

“I believe there are solutions awaiting to be discovered. Our job is to find them.”

- Marcos

A little about Marcos

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